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Shigeharu Aoyama: A Politician Sketching Japan's Future from Multiple Perspectives

  Shigeharu Aoyama plays a significant role in Japan's politics, economy, and security as a politician, researcher, and media personality. His activities, grounded in deep expertise and strong convictions, present new possibilities for Japan's future. Career and Areas of Expertise Since establishing the Independent Comprehensive Research Institute in 2002, Aoyama has conducted research in energy security, crisis management, national security, international relations, and national strategy. His research is highly regarded both in Japan and internationally, sharing insights through numerous lectures and publications. As a politician, serving as a member of the House of Councillors, he directly influences national policy by reflecting his research findings in policy recommendations. Ideology and Advocacy Aoyama is known for his stance on limiting his political career to "only one term of six years" and not accepting any political donations, maintaining a clean image. He

A Baseball Star's Roots: The Ohtani Family's Influence on Shohei's Success

  Shohei Ohtani, a Japanese professional baseball player, currently plays for the Los Angeles and is Dodgers regarded worldwide for his passion and talent for the sport. His success can be attributed not only to his talent but also to the support of his family. Ohtani's parents have kept a low media profile due to their strong desire not to distract their son with anything other than baseball. This family rule has allowed Ohtani to maintain his focus on the sport. His family has provided support and understanding, enabling him to dedicate himself to baseball.  Ohtani's father, Toru Ohtani, is a former corporate league baseball player and currently serves as the manager of the Kanegasaki Little Senior team. His mother, Kayoko Ohtani, is a former badminton player who competed in the Inter-High School Championships and the National Sports Festival. Her approach to sports has influenced Ohtani's attitude towards competition. It is particularly noteworthy that during Ohtani'

How to Watch Japanese TV Programs from Overseas

Introduction Are you interested in watching Japanese terrestrial TV programs from overseas? Here are some ways to access your favorite shows, even if you're not in Japan. Free Streaming Services 1. NHK World (    - An international broadcasting service provided by NHK, offering free access to news and some programs.    - Available worldwide with an internet connection. 2. TVer (    - A free video streaming service operated by Japanese commercial broadcasters.    - Access from overseas is generally restricted, but may be possible using a VPN to connect to a Japanese IP address. Paid Streaming Services 1. dTV (    - A paid video streaming service provided by NTT Docomo, offering many Japanese TV programs.    - Available overseas, but requires a monthly subscription fee. 2. Hulu (    - A paid video streaming service operating in Japan, offering many Japanese TV programs.    - Avail