How to Watch Japanese TV Programs from Overseas


Are you interested in watching Japanese terrestrial TV programs from overseas? Here are some ways to access your favorite shows, even if you're not in Japan.

Free Streaming Services

1. NHK World (

   - An international broadcasting service provided by NHK, offering free access to news and some programs.

   - Available worldwide with an internet connection.

2. TVer (

   - A free video streaming service operated by Japanese commercial broadcasters.

   - Access from overseas is generally restricted, but may be possible using a VPN to connect to a Japanese IP address.

Paid Streaming Services

1. dTV (

   - A paid video streaming service provided by NTT Docomo, offering many Japanese TV programs.

   - Available overseas, but requires a monthly subscription fee.

2. Hulu (

   - A paid video streaming service operating in Japan, offering many Japanese TV programs.

   - Available overseas, but requires a monthly subscription fee.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

- Using a VPN service with a Japanese IP address can make it appear as if you are accessing from within Japan.

- This may allow access to services intended for viewers in Japan.

- However, due to copyright and distribution rights issues, many Japanese programs are restricted from viewing overseas. Paid services may also require a Japanese payment method. When using a VPN, please check the terms of service for each provider and use at your own risk.

Overseas Cable and Satellite TV Channels


   - A paid cable and satellite TV channel that distributes Japanese TV programs overseas.

   - Available in some countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

2. KAZE (

   - A paid satellite TV channel that offers Japanese TV programs in Europe.

   - Available in some European countries.

Global Streaming Services

1. Netflix (

   - A global paid video streaming service that offers Japanese anime, dramas, and movies.

   - However, the content available varies by country and region.

2. Crunchyroll (

   - A paid video streaming service primarily offering Japanese anime.

   - Available worldwide, with some content available for free.

3. Viki (

   - A paid video streaming service that offers Asian TV dramas and movies.

   - Some Japanese dramas are also available.


While these services provide access to Japanese TV programs overseas, the range of programs offered and the regions where they are available may be limited. Most of these services are paid, so viewing will incur costs according to their respective pricing structures. Despite the limitations, these options still allow fans of Japanese TV programs to enjoy their favorite shows from abroad.


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