Who is Bananaman?


Banana Man is a prominent comedy duo in Japan, consisting of members Seto (Setchan) and Himura (Himura). Known for their unique humor and distinct personalities, they have gained widespread popularity through television shows and live comedy performances. Seto is recognized for his calm demeanor and sharp wit, while Himura is celebrated for his eccentric behavior and amusing comments. They have appeared in various variety shows, including "Banana Zero Music" and "Shabekuri 007". Their presence in the Japanese comedy scene is significant, offering a unique insight into Japan's entertainment culture. Understanding Banana Man's role and influence is beneficial for anyone interested in comprehending the nuances of Japanese humor and television.

"バナナ♪ゼロミュージック" (Banana Zero Music) is a Japanese music variety show that aired on NHK. The program, featuring the comedy duo Banana Man, showcased a wide range of musical genres and invited various artists and musicians as guests. The premise of the show was built around Banana Man, who are self-proclaimed "music year-zero students," exploring and experiencing different facets of music through songs, talks, and quizzes. The program's unique format combined music with humor and interactive segments, making it an engaging watch for audiences.

The show began with pilot episodes in 2015 and moved to regular broadcasting in 2016. It included a dedicated band, "Orquesta 'Banana Zero' Música," consisting of talented musicians from various groups. This band added a vibrant musical backdrop to the program. The show featured diverse themes and guests, ranging from established musicians to emerging artists, across its episodes. Each episode focused on a different musical theme or genre, offering a rich and varied musical experience. The blend of Banana Man's comedic style with a variety of musical performances made "バナナ♪ゼロミュージック" a distinctive show in Japanese television programming.

The show's format was not just about performances but also included segments where guests engaged in music-related quizzes and interactive discussions, often leading to humorous and insightful moments. This approach made "バナナ♪ゼロミュージック" more than just a music show; it was an entertainment experience that brought music closer to viewers in a fun and engaging manner. The program's success can be attributed to its unique concept and the charismatic presence of Banana Man, who brought their signature humor and charm to every episode.

"しゃべくり007" (Shabekuri 007) is a popular Japanese talk and variety television show that started broadcasting on July 12, 2008, on Nippon TV. The show features seven high-profile comedians who engage in unscripted and improvised conversations with different guests each week. The lack of a script for the free talk portion of the show allows for spontaneous and genuine interactions, making it a unique and engaging watch.

The show originally began as an autumn special, but its popularity led to it becoming a regular prime-time program. The title of the show, "しゃべくり007", interestingly incorporates the number "7" (which is reflected in the number of comedians) and is a play on the famous "007" James Bond series, although the "00" part is not pronounced. The James Bond theme and related music have been frequently used in the show.

One of the key features of "しゃべくり007" is its format, where the comedians, known for their substantial experience and prominence in the Japanese comedy scene, engage with guests in a variety of talks. The guests are kept a secret from the comedians until their appearance, adding an element of surprise and spontaneity to the show. The guests come from diverse backgrounds, including actors, musicians, and sports personalities, some of whom do not regularly appear on variety shows.

The show is well-known for its ability to spontaneously turn from talk to improvisational comedy or games, often diverging from the initial topic of discussion. This format has led to the creation of recurring characters and phrases that have become popular among the audience. "しゃべくり007" has also been a part of special programming, including the "24-Hour Television" specials and New Year's day specials.

Over the years, "しゃべくり007" has maintained its popularity and appeal, thanks to its innovative format and the chemistry between the hosts and guests. The show offers a unique insight into Japanese pop culture and entertainment, making it a valuable watch for those interested in Japanese television and comedy.


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