Sarameshi: A Glimpse into Japanese Food Culture and Life through the Lunches of Working People

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 "Sarameshi" is a popular variety program broadcasted by NHK, focusing on the lunchtime habits of people across various professions, shedding light on their work and daily lives, and exploring Japanese food culture and the lifestyles of working individuals. Since its debut in 2011, "Sarameshi" has continuously captured the hearts of viewers by showcasing the lunch situations of workplaces and households throughout Japan.

Sarameshi: A Glimpse into Japanese Food Culture and Life through the Lunches of Working People

The greatest allure of "Sarameshi" lies in the opportunity to peek into the lunchtimes of a broad spectrum of Japanese workers, from common professions to more unique jobs. The program features the lunches of office workers, doctors, Self-Defense Force personnel, artists, and agricultural workers, among others. These meals reveal the lifestyles, passions, and values of these individuals.

Diverse Lifestyles through Lunch

"Sarameshi" delves deeper than just showcasing meals; it intimately explores the daily lives of workers through their food. The show meticulously follows the preparation, enjoyment, and aftermath of lunch, illustrating how these meals add color to the individuals' days.

Varied Lunch Cultures Across Japan

Another distinctive feature of "Sarameshi" is its focus on different regions of Japan, highlighting the diversity in lunch cultures across the country. It showcases the varied ingredients, cooking methods, and unique lunch traditions of different areas, bringing to light the rich tapestry of Japanese food culture.

Viewer Empathy

One reason "Sarameshi" resonates with many is through the stories and meals that foster a sense of empathy among viewers. Watching the lunches unfold on screen prompts viewers to reflect on their own lives, work, and meals.


"Sarameshi" transcends the typical food show, offering deep insights into the cultures, lifestyles, and societies of working people. Lunch, a routine part of daily life, serves as a mirror reflecting the lives and diversity of society. Through each episode, the richness of Japanese food culture and the stories of the people within it are woven together. "Sarameshi" touches the hearts of its audience by connecting through the universal experience of mealtime, sparking new discoveries and understandings.


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