Takafumi Horie, known as Horiemon, is a Japanese entrepreneur, investor, author, and media personality

 (This image is not a picture of Mr. Horie.)

Takafumi Horie, commonly known as Horiemon, is a Japanese entrepreneur, investor, author, and media personality. Born in 1972, he is recognized as one of the pioneers in Japan's internet industry. One of his most notable achievements is the founding of the internet service company Livedoor in 2000. Livedoor quickly grew through its news distribution, financial services, and web portal operations.

However, in 2006, Livedoor came under investigation for suspected accounting fraud, leading to Horie's arrest. The incident sparked a nationwide debate on corporate ethics and governance. In 2007, Horie was convicted of violating the Securities and Exchange Law and was sentenced to imprisonment. Despite this setback, his career has been diverse following his release.

After being released, Horie has published numerous books and shared his views on entrepreneurship, investment, and life philosophy. His activities continue to expand, including investments in various businesses, launching new ventures, and expressing interest in space development. As a media personality, he actively comments on economic and social issues through television appearances and his YouTube channel.

Takafumi Horie remains a figure who constantly generates discussion through his lifestyle and statements, continually attracting the attention of the Japanese media and public. His career is a story of success, failure, and comeback, embodying the importance of innovation and adaptation in the ever-changing modern society.


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