Chiko-chan - an unique CG character


(This image is not an actual picture of Chiko-chan.)

"Chiko-chan ni Shikarareru!" is an educational entertainment program broadcasted by NHK in Japan. The show centers around a unique CG character named Chiko-chan, who is a 5-year-old girl. Chiko-chan is known for asking why people do not ask the basic questions that come up in everyday life. If the respondents cannot provide a satisfactory answer, she famously scolds them with her catchphrase, "Don't just live your life in a daze!"

The format of the show is educational yet highly entertaining, with Chiko-chan posing questions that cover a wide range of topics, including science, history, and everyday mysteries. The answers to these questions are thoroughly explained by experts or guests, providing the viewers with knowledge. The goal of the show is to create an environment where learning is fun.

Chiko-chan interacts with other characters within the show as well. This includes a fox character named Kyoe-chan and human cast members who serve as navigators of the program. These characters support the progression of the show and offer witty exchanges between the question and answer segments.

"Chiko-chan ni Shikarareru!" is supported by a wide audience range, from children to adults, and has received high acclaim in Japan for its unique concept and educational value. The program presents a new form of educational entertainment, prompting joy in discovering facts people were unaware of and reiterating the importance of learning.


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