Yutaka Mizutani - an actor, singer, and film director

 (This image does not depict Mr. Mizutani.)

Yutaka Mizutani is a versatile personality in Japan, known for his wide-ranging work as an actor, singer, and film director. Born in 1952, Mizutani is especially famous for his role as Righteous Sugishita in the television drama "Aibou," through which he has been loved by audiences across Japan for many years. His portrayal of Sugishita, a calm and insightful Assistant Inspector with a unique sense of justice at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, stands as one of his hallmark roles.

Apart from his acting career, Yutaka Mizutani has also found success as a singer. His music, running parallel to his acting career, enjoys the support of numerous fans. As a film director, he has shown his ability by directing movies known for their nuanced exploration of human relationships and emotions.

Mizutani's activities are not limited to acting, singing, and directing; he also excels as a host on television and radio. His warm personality and extensive knowledge across various fields have made him a favorite among many program audiences. Moreover, he is dedicated to nurturing young actors, putting significant effort into guiding the next generation.

Yutaka Mizutani's passion for the arts and his multifaceted talent have made him a unique figure in Japan's entertainment industry. His work has influenced many people, building his own legacy.


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